Big Apple Farms Riding Academy

Cultivating Equestrian Sport in North Carolina Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Big Apple Farms Riding Academy in Williamston, NC. We went hoping to learn all about the farm and riding program. We came away with deep appreciation for (and excitement about!) what they are doing for our rural county, and for equestrians statewide. Farm owners … Read more

Farm Life Stables

Farm Life Stables A Carolina Horse Farm with a Great, Big Heart For a unique and refreshing perspective on horsemanship and horse ownership, visit Farm Life Stables, located in the quaint farming community known as “Farm Life.” Just a few miles outside of Williamston, N.C., this 23 acre horse farm welcomes all breeds of horses … Read more

Spooked Horse Problem Solving

The spooked horse is going to run somewhere – wherever they think “safety” is. Pat Parelli helps this horse owner learn how to make his adopted “rescue” mustang gain confidence and become calmer. Working with the Spooked Horse A horse’s survival depends on his ability to flee and outrun his predators. An experienced horseman will embrace … Read more

Mounted Pony Games

Here we go! Mounted Pony Games Across America – “Stepping Stones” Three cheers for Punk Rock Ponies! From Mid-Atlantic Games 2006. Did you know: Mounted Games Across America has events up and down the East Coast? It seems their venues range from Virginia to New Hampshire. Definitely going to check them out! Their website is … Read more

Pony Games, 3RGAMES

From the equestrian sport of mounted pony games, check out the riding skills, athletic ability, agility and teamwork in these international mounted pony competitions. Pony 3rgames Published on Jul 14, 2012 Championnats de France 2012

If Your Horse Is Running Scared

A horse running scared cannot respect you and is dangerous. How do you deal with that? Check out pro trainer Clinton Anderson helping a horse owner handle a scared horse. In this live demo Clinton Anderson shows how he helps a horse owner establish leadership between himself and an aggressive horse. Watch as Clinton creates a … Read more

Virtual Horse Games for Kids (Of All Ages!)

Virtual Horse games have caught on like wildfire. There are new sites popping up everywhere with “reality” online horse games, ranging from games geared towards young children, to games that appeal to teenagers and up. How do you know which ones are best for your family? The most popular games are typically interactive membership sites. … Read more