Free Horse Games Online

Playing free horse games online can bring hours of fun to children, teens and adults. Kids games are easy to play and educational at the same time. Many involve learning how to care for, train and ride horses, even compete in horse shows. Some of the more advanced games involve mastery of the keyboard.

A great pastime, horse games on the internet are a real advantage for those who don't have a horse of their own, or don’t have access to a riding stable. Some of the virtual horse games are a wonderful outlet - kids of all ages can have a great time playing and actually learning with many of them.

Here's a look at a few of the best free horse games online... plus we have virtual horse game reviews of riding and jumping games that have become immensely popular.

Free Horse Games - Show Jumping

The horse jumping games below are a bit difficult when you first start out... The hard part is learning where the jumps are! So take your time, figure the course out... then play all you want. It's free! Here's how:

Directions: This game is about show jumping. Jump your horse over a course of fences, low walls and other obstacles. The goal is to jump cleanly over a winding, turning jump course within a time limit.

Obstacles should be taken according to their number. The number at an obstacle shows which side of the obstacle the horse should jump from. For every jump you don't clear, you get 4 fault points. Every second passed after the time is over adds 1 fault point to the score.


Up/Down arrows - Accelerate/Stop the horse. Notice the tiredness bar at the top right corner. If a horse gallops it gets tired quickly. The tired horse will trot.

Space bar: Jump. Remember, you can only jump when your horse gallops.

Left/Right arrows: Turn the horse to the left and to the right.

The next game, Horse Athletics, has some fast-paced jumping games within:

Three Furlong Sprint – Jockey Shot Put – Hedge Hurdle Dash -
Water Triple Jump – Jockey Hammer Throw

 Each game has its instructions - Good Luck!

What are Virtual Horse Games?

Virtual horse games are typically where players own or buy a horse, and then care for, train, and compete with their horses. You actually join a community of other players - it's become quite a sensation. Many of these virtual online games are not entirely free horse games, as they require some form of login and password, and you may have to spend a little money to get full access to the games.

For instance, the virtual game called Star Stable is huge fun. You care for and ride your own horse, and experience adventures on horseback with people from all over the world.

The upside is the game has nice graphics that capture the feeling of riding. Very entertaining, with a plot full of twists and turns. You can play the game for free on a limited basis. The down side is... well, it's easy to get hooked! You want to spend money and have full access. So if you're saving up for a new saddle or your next horse show, stick to the free horse games!

More Horse Games Online

See our top 5 picks of virtual and free horse games, with links to the game sites if you wish to try them out. We've got more horse games on this website. Some are educational, some are silly, all are fun. We hope you enjoy them.